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When it comes to value, quality and responsiveness, you can count on us to exceed your expectations. First impressions matter, furthermore a clean and sanitized working environment guarantees optimum productivity for your workforce. We tailor each service specifically to your unique needs.  U.S. Cleaning Service will provide you with fully trained reliable cleaners, who are trained to exceed your expectations, and specialize in cleaning the following types of commercial properties:

Commercial Cleaning Services

We specialize in cleaning the following types of commercial properties. We tailor each service specifically to your unique needs. 


Complete Janitorial Cleaning

When you want the complete package, look no further. We will take care of all your janitorial needs for your facility. This includes the standard general office cleaning as well as the floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and anything else you might need.


General Office Cleaning

We have you covered for routine daily cleaning programs or less frequent maintenance cleaning for your small or extra large facility. Our mission is to ensure that your Facility environment is clean and healthy for both your employees and customers.


Law Office Cleaning

Nothing can deter a prospective client like a dirty office. Investing in a cleaning company for your practice is fundamental. You have more important things to do with your time so let us do what we're good at, which is making your business look good.


Facilities Cleaning

There is nothing worse than your guest checking into their vacation home and receiving a call about how dirty it is. These types of cleanings need to be done right the first time because there is not second chances for your guests. Dependability and attention to detail is critical and something we have excelled at through years of experience.


Dentistry Offie Cleaning

Dentistry offices have their own unique challenges. Attention to detail is critical due to the valuable equipment that is around. We've learned the challenges of cleaning dental offices and have excelled at overcoming them. When you need a company that has done this type of cleaning before, look no further.


Medical Office Cleaning

Doctors office cleanings are a different type of beast. We've learned all the details to watch for when cleaning these types of facilities. We understand that cleaning for looks is secondary. Making sure the building is disinfected and safe is our priority number one.


HOA Common Area Cleaning

Communal areas and common parts have always been the first point of visitors’ contact with the building, and their state of cleanliness is always our priority. We are contracted by a number of property management companies. Our prompt and efficient service helps our clients to provide excellent living and working conditions to their residents.


Office Common Area Cleaning

The first impression of your office building is something you never get a second shot at. Maintaining a clean and inviting environment is crucial to the well being of your business. Our priority is to make your business look good.

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